Week 2: S&R Pizza > IT 1 (Sorry, Sir!)

Not really sure if this counts as an IT 1 post because I didn’t even attend this week’s lab class (lol). I feel like I need to explain myself because I didn’t really mean to skip class that day. :((( So Feb 4 was also the day of our organization’s first major event for this semester, PreWreck 3.0. Prep time was really crucial since we were expecting 800-1,000 partygoers eager to get their money’s worth of sick beats and unli booze. I’ll get to the specifics once I gather enough motivation to blog about the event. Let’s just hope it happens soon. So anyway the whole time that we were in S&R to buy freakin’ red cups, I was texting one of my classmates for updates. By this time I have already accepted the fact that there is no way that I can make it back to LB 45 minutes before 1, so my orgmates and I just settled on a vacant table and ordered lunch. I was in the middle of eating my combo pizza (aka. oily piece of heaven in the middle of consumerist hell) when Donn told me that a quiz was given to the class. I didn’t want to miss it, okay. 😦 And he said that the lesson had something to do with Math. *cue Amy Schumer’s  “noooooo~”*

Ah well.