Week 1: Of Puppy Videos and Free Operating Systems

So as mentioned in the previous post, I’ll start publishing IT 1-related posts since our lab instructor made it a class requirement. To start with, I’m pretty sure last Thursday was pretty much how all my Thursdays would go this semester. After a damn good grind at the gym and a sumptuous lunch of Beef Bibimbap at my go-to Korean restaurant in LB, I basically skipped my way to IT 1 lab class, my first class for the day. I walked in not expecting to do much for that day’s meeting since our instructor promised us beforehand that he was pretty chill. I also remembered my computer teacher in elementary telling me that my html coding skills are flawless so that also contributed to my stellar mood that afternoon. So basically, the whole time all I did was watch videos of stumbling puppies and drifting Ford Fiestas and transfer files from Desktop to folder without dragging and right-clicking, which was pretty productive if you ask me. I’ve never been so grateful of mastering the art of keeping an eye on multiple tabs all at once. Being the shallow person that I am, I found the Ubuntu OS pretty ~cool~ because it looked different from the Windows OS. The color scheme reminded me of Alienware laptops, which is weird because I don’t think the OS is for gaming?? I don’t know… Anyway, speaking of games, I have to feed my cats. Whoop.

tumblr_nzfklhpzjh1ukble3o1_400 (1).gif

This cat, specifically.


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