Semi-Hiatus Happenings

Hellooo. It’s been a while since my last post, mainly because I’ve been quite busy with life inside UPLB. I haven’t even followed through with my year-end post! LOL. Since my last update, Chao and I blew a lot of cash for Vinnie’s birthday celebration in LB, I’ve prerog-ed my way to 15 more units, survived two meetings of ROTC, tried my hardest to squeeze in a bit of gym time, and basically did everything that I can to ensure that I can graduate this June–except for one thing: talk to Ma’am Abello. *cue suspense music* I am REALLY SERIOUSLY NOT looking forward to talking to her, but what the heck. It has to be done. I’d probably do it this Feb.

Sooo, yeah. I don’t really have much to say, except that I have a few tan lines now thanks to 2 hours of marching under the sun earlier today and that I bought new goggles and can’t wait to start learning how not to drown in PE class. And and and Chao also sponsored my leggings haul for this month and OH MY HOLY MOTHER OF ATHLETIC WEAR they are so beautifuuuuuuuuul ❤ I’m a lucky girl ❤ ❤ ❤ I have leggings with pockets!!! Do you guys even realize how ~GENIUS~ that is??!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Now I’m more inspired to do deadz and skwatzz and hopefully more bench presses and oly lifts. 2016 goals, yo! Well obviously I won’t be able to fulfill the first item in my mountain bucket list since January ends tomorrow. Prolly gonna climb Mt. Kalisungan on Feb instead. Hihi. Anyway, it’s just the second week of classes but the academic load that I have to finish this weekend is already a shit-ton. Our IT 1 lab prof (who happens to be a batchmate </3) also required us to do blog posts related to lab class so expect regular updates soon. As in tomorrow kind of soon, since he gave us a deadline. Stay strong, self. Stay strong. As for the year-end post, I’ll get back to that soon enough. Maybe next week. Or next month. :))

For this coming week I have a couple of group reports coming up, a major event (YO, PREWRECK), and maybe an overdue interview with a thesis subject. Probably a good idea to get back on those.


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