I vividly remember including “join a fitness-related competition” in my bucket list. It also helps that said list is one of my first posts so I get to see it first thing when I open the blog. So this afternoon, I went to the gym later than usual because I got too engrossed surfing the internet (no surprise there). I was also more awkward than usual since just last night I was added to the gym dudes’ FB chat group and believe me, there were some things there that my womanly eyes weren’t supposed to see. Anyway, as I alternated with this guy (Dale, I think) at the squat rack, the dude on the preacher curl set-up chatted me up–

Person: Anak ka ba ni so and so, ano apelyido, nagcocompete ba siya blah blah

Me: Blah blah Cabili po blah blah dati po

P: Ikaw nagcocompete ka?

Me: Plano ko po sana… *shrugs and prepared to get back under the bar*

P: Ah kung gusto mo magcompete meron sa December, ‘yung Mutant. Magsabi ka lang sa mga nandun sa harap, ako magrerepresent sa ‘yo.

Me: Ah… *tries to absorb everything while keeping my smile plastered on my clueless face*

P: Ako nga pala may-ari nitong gym. 

Me: Ay talaga po ba? Sige po thank you po!

And just like that, I have a sponsor. But waaaaait, it gets better.

Me: *just killed my 5th set and now trying to stay alive*

Kuya Donnie: Pinapabigay pala ni boss *hands over a card which I thought was a calling card but ohholymolymotherofallgods it says VIP in front*

KD: Ipapakita mo lang ‘yan sa mga branches nitong gym tapos pwede ka na magworkout. Nasabihan na din sila sa harap. 

Me: *stares like a complete loony* Woooooow

Awesome stuff really do happen when you least expect it, huh. Good thing I decided to laze around before dragging my sloth ass to the gym after all. Another reason to kick ass at the gym!

Thanks, Sir Ariel! Team Xtreme FTW!





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