2NE15 (part I)

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

In less than 4 hours, we’ll be bidding 2015 adieu. I planned on creating a post solely for reflecting on everything that happened this year–thank goodness for Chao for giving me a planner!–and as I looked back on my entries, I can’t help but feel a bit emotional. So much has happened this year. Luckily, I survived. I’ll be doing this post in two parts because chef duties + reflection feels + no to lengthy posts


I started to take fitness seriously in December 2014. Even though I only worked out at home, I made sure that I didn’t half ass all my routines. Come January, I juggled exercise time with RareJob. I encountered different kinds of people–professionals, retirees, children, high school students, etc. Anyway, I had abs this month. Not the kind that’ll merit a #fitspo picture but I was pretty damn proud nevertheless. Also, the Pope came to visit and it was all kinds of overwhelming even though I only saw him on TV. I may not be as religious as I was before, but that old man did have an effect on me.


During CKI’s tree-planting activity in San Pablo


My February in one word: Chao

Due to the academic calendar shift, this year’s Feb Fair was stress-free from acads. Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday, and it was Chao and I’s first. He surprised me with a bouquet of chocolates and we headed to Mio Cocina for an afternoon date. He owned the stage during their Feb Fair performance and it was my first time to receive a shoutout from a “celebrity”. :)) It’s also worth mentioning that I spent fair week with a busted knee after falling from excitement during our GA.

feb 1

Ramen for Valentines


Feb Fair!


My birthday month! Aside from the Cagbalete trip, what made my birthday extra special was Chao’s poor (but genuine) attempt at surprising me. Too bad I didn’t take a photo of his apartment. 😦 This month also marked my first year in the Society.


1/2 of TravelCom


Cagbalete buddies!

apr 1.jpg

Eximius turns 1


This sums it all up:apr


This has been the most challenging month this year. I lost a lot of sleep and tears and felt like giving up all the things that mattered. I was always at the point of exhaustion which greatly affected my physical and mental health, as well as my academics. However, there are still a few highlights that are worth noting. Our belly dancing recital and Chao’s birthday made this month worthwhile. Sometime this month, I also told my parents about Chao’s existence.


Group 2 ❤


My mommy came home on June 11. Two days after her arrival, I had my hair cut REALLY short. I’m pretty sure it looked weird, but everyone was too nice to say so. To euphemize the fact, Chao said I look like a boy from behind. We also had dinner with my parents, and I had to keep reminding him not to call me babe in front of them. :)) After the stress brought by May, I was on and off with my attendance in the gym. A mini-accident (100lb bar rolled its way to the nape of my neck( put me off of it for the whole of midyear classes. Chao and I faced Math 14 for the second time in our college lives.



to be continued…


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