New beginnings

I’m back. It’s been three years since my last post (it’s worth mentioning that I forgot the site handle that’s why I stopped blogging). So, why start a new one? And why now?

I didn’t create another blog for the purpose of sharing this to the whole world.  I want a space that I can proudly call mine–someplace where I can just lash out on the world or simply share my innermost thoughts–and since I’m too poor to buy a domain and I don’t like to lug a notebook, this will have to do. I actually have a lot in my mind that I’m too scared to say out loud. It’s come to the point where I scare myself.

Introductions. The first step to familiarity. I guess it’s just fitting if I type a few things about myself before I move on to the serious stuff. Start with the basics, as they usually say.

Hello, I’m Colleen. I’m a 20-year old girl who’s constantly torn between bumming and exercising. I love to lift weights, and secretly I want to be a fitness celebrity–or maybe just popular enough to get athletic wear sponsors, since sports apparel are expensive as fuck. I own a fat black pug with my I-don’t-know-what-to-call-him-because-I-don’t-know-what-we-are named Vinnie. We named him after my favorite character from the Jersey Shore.  I sleep a lot. I also do a bit of arts and crafts when I feel like it. I think I have bipolar disorder, judging by the intensity of my mood swings, and it’s actually part of the reason why I started this. Since I can’t be in the gym all the time and I can’t spend the rest of my life sleeping (actually I can but I don’t want to get into the dark stuff), I thought that maybe writing about my feelings might help. I sure hope it does.

I named this blog “the rabbit hole” because just like the one from Alice in Wonderland, this sort of opens up to a different plane. Here, I can be who I really am. I don’t want to hide anything from this blog. I’m not the type to tell people my more serious thoughts and my honest-to-God feelings, so to be honest I’d freak out if someone finds this. Haha.

That’s about it, I guess. Hi, again. 🙂


xx Colleen


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